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Whether you’re a U.S. citizen living in Canada or a Canadian business expanding into the U.S., our practical approach empowers you to navigate U.S. and Canadian tax complexities confidently.

cross-border tax planning for corporations & individuals • expatriate tax planning • estate tax planning

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Do you know your tax obligations?

Non-compliance, potential double taxation, and the sheer complexity of juggling tax laws from multiple jurisdictions can cause a lot of stress. We offer a beacon of clarity and confidence.

What we do

Comprehensive cross-border tax consulting

For U.S. & Canadian


Corporations benefit from tailored strategies, optimizing their financial landscape on both sides of the border.

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For U.S. & Canadian


We navigate the complexities of cross-border taxation to ensure proper tax compliance and minimization of tax costs.

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Clients we serve

Your trusted partner for tax solutions

Whether you're an individual seeking to balance dual tax obligations, a corporation strategizing for transnational growth, or managing cross-border estates with foresight, our bespoke tax services are designed to streamline your fiscal responsibilities with precision and personalized care.


Tailored for taxpayers navigating personal tax complexities across borders, ensuring proper compliance and minimizing taxes.


Expert guidance in estate tax planning to safeguard cross-border legacies with a focus on keeping your wealth within your family.

Business Corporations

Strategic tax planning for businesses expanding or operating across the U.S.-Canada border, focusing on growth and seamless operations.

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Marks of excellence

Our professional credentials and qualifications reflect our deep commitment to excellence in financial expertise and ethical practice.
We are trusted to bring a wealth of knowledge and a high standard of professionalism to every aspect of our clients’ financial journey.

Proven experience you can trust

With over 35 years in cross-border tax consultancy, our experience and expertise offers unmatched precision and care, guiding clients through complex international tax laws for optimized strategies and peace of mind.

Tailored strategies for each client, ensuring a deep understanding of your unique investment landscape and the interaction between U.S. and Canadian tax laws.

Continuous monitoring of tax law changes to protect your investments and uncover new opportunities for growth.

Expert advice on the most favourable investment structures and guidance through the complexities of cross-border transactions to maximize your returns.

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Lyle Moline

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Get clarity on your cross-border taxes today

Whether you're looking to optimize your tax situation, manage risks, or simply understand the interplay of U.S. and Canadian tax laws, we are ready to assist.