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Navigate the complexities of international corporate tax with us. From cross-border corporate structuring and tax return compliance, to cross-border payroll, we provide clarity and expert guidance to safeguard your business against high tax rates and possible substantial tax penalties.

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When it comes to taxes, every question matters

There are key issues to address in setting up a cross-border corporate tax structure. Care must be taken to properly plan ahead, to avoid significant negative tax consequences, in planning and ongoing income tax return compliance.  We urge business owners to reflect on key questions that define their unique tax standing.

Explore this space to gain valuable insights and make informed choices, ensuring your tax strategy aligns seamlessly with your corporate and business owner circumstances.

We’re a Canadian company doing business in the U.S. or vice versa...

Corporations face a multitude of tax concerns, ranging from upfront corporate structuring, general income tax preparation, transfer pricing concerns, cross-border payroll, to HR issues.

Understanding these matters are crucial to obtaining a low overall tax rate, ensuring proper tax preparation, and avoiding possible severe penalties for non-compliance in Canada or the U.S. Even basic actions, like an employee working or concluding contracts in a foreign jurisdiction, can necessitate compliance with foreign tax laws.

Related questions we help answer:

Corporate tax
  • Is my company taxable in another country?
  • Do I need to file a provincial or state income tax return?
  • Should I incorporate, and if so, where?
  • What’s the impact on transfer pricing?
  • Are tax deductions the same in both countries?
  • What’s a consolidated return?
  • Why do I owe tax in a state but not federally?
  • What is a single purpose corporation?
  • What tax identification numbers do I need?
  • Can I keep employees on one payroll?
  • Does each country have payroll deductions similar to my home country payroll deductions?
  • Isn’t the income that is non-taxable on the home country payroll also non-taxable in the other countries?
  • Is it possible to have one employee on two separate payrolls and reporting the same income?

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Our corporate tax services

Our team specializes in corporate tax planning, returns, and estate planning. Committed to unparalleled professionalism and client satisfaction, we tailor our services to meet your unique tax needs.

Canadian corporations

  1. Federal & provincial income tax return preparation
  2. Cross-border tax structuring
  3. Canada revenue agency appeals

Federal & provincial income tax return preparation

Cross-border tax structuring

Canada revenue agency appeals

U.S. corporations

  1. Federal, state, and local income tax return preparation
  2. Consolidated tax returns
  3. Internal Revenue Service appeals

Federal, state, and local income tax return preparation

Consolidated tax returns

Internal Revenue Service appeals

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Whether you're looking to optimize your tax situation, manage risks, or simply understand the interplay of U.S. and Canadian tax laws, we are ready to assist.